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Washington State Sandy Koufax Baseball Association


Becky Buckley

WSSKBA President/Director


Becky has been involved with youth sports for over 25 years.  Baseball is her first love, however because of her son Joel, she found herself involved in several youth sports.  Football, Basketball and of course Baseball were among the few that kept her busy. 

In 1987 she became a team mom and coaches wife that participated in the Sandy Koufax league.  The President/Director at that time appointed Becky’s then husband Steve to the position for the 1988 season.  For the next 7 seasons, Becky and Steve worked hand and hand together in the running of the Sandy Koufax league.  Select baseball continued to grow.   

In 1995, Becky and Steve divorced.  At the end of the 1995 season, Steve appointed Becky as the President/Director of Washington State Sandy Koufax Baseball.  Becky has always referred to that decision as “winning custody” of the Sandy Koufax league.  She has an absolute passion for the game of select baseball.  Youth Baseball without “politics” is one of her philosophies and the Sandy Koufax program is run exactly that way.   

The 1996 season marked the first year that Becky ran the league on her own.  It was also the first year that the 13 year old division played amongst themselves.  Becky felt that the age difference between an all 14-year-old team Vs an all 13-year-old team was too great and that the ages needed to be separated.  She lobbied the local umpire association to service the younger age group.  In the past, the umpire association had always been opposed to the idea of servicing an all 13-year-old league.  However, it was hard for the umpires association to refuse.  Becky was able to get the umpire association to agree to a trial year.  That was all it took.  The 13-year-old division ran so smoothly, the umpire association agreed to continue for the next season.  It has remained. 

In 1999, Becky was chosen “Woman of the Year” by American Amateur Baseball Congress and “Person of the Year” by Continental Amateur Baseball Association.   

In 2003, Becky was given the “Presidents Choice” award from Continental Amateur Baseball Association for her hard work in promoting Post Season/World Series play. 

Any age group team……..From 9, 10, 11, 12, or older that wishes to participate in a World Series, contact Becky.  She will get you to where you want to go!   

For more information about Washington State Sandy Koufax or World  Series events,    Email Becky at