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Ground RulesWashington State Sandy Koufax Baseball Association

 Age/Birthdate Deadlines

For the 13U Division you must not turn 14 before Aug 1 2004.

For the 14U Division you must not turn 15 before Aug 1 2004.

Game Line Up Cards

Line up cards for games.........pick them up at your local sporting good store.  Big 5, Olympic Sports, 3-GI's are among the few that carry line up cards.  There should be 4 copies for each line up card (carbonless are the best). 

Line-up Cards are distributed to the following: 

Your scorekeeper, opposing team, homeplate umpire, and the last for you as the coach.  Information on the line up cards are as follow:
Player #        Player Name                  Position
1.  #10          Bobby Smith                          6
2.  #21          Jimmy Jones                         2
3.  #32          Billy Fox / #14 Tony Wells   DH/5
You must always include all subs names on your line up cards.  If they aren't included, they are not available to play.  Even if "Johnny" isn't at the game for whatever reason, include him as a sub.  You may end up with a suspended game and be finishing it later.  If "Johnny" isn't included as a sub, when you finish the game later, he will not be allowed to play. 

If you have a suspended game, have your scorekeeper check with the opposing scorekeeper that both books match.  Keep your original line up cards, both yours and the opposing teams, to refer to when the game is completed.  Suspended games rescheduling are in the bylaws.


When using a DH, include both players in the same spot in the batting order as above.  Remember, we do not use EH's.  (extra hitters)


When you have your conference at home plate with the umpires, go over the Koufax rules.  The umpires officiate alot of games.  Not just ours, so they need to know the Koufax rules.  Read the bylaws.  The rules are there. 


Winning teams:  please report game scores to me within 24 hours of the completion of the game.  No sense in keeping standings if I don't get game reports.  If you have any questions, give me a call..........